Artist Statement

Today, many species of animals on this planet are endangered, simply due to human involvement in the environment. In my practice, I emphasize the environmental problems that nature endures due to human consumption and urbanization. What has come to be viewed as natural in our society is laden with artificiality, while the nature that remains and the beings that live in it are removed everyday. My current work focuses on the unbalanced relationship between humans and wildlife, and functions as an exploration of both humanity's and my involvement in the environment. My drawings and paintings function as documentations of issues regarding declining natural environments, while also inherently recording my reactions and views of the relevant issues.  Materiality, such as fabric with natural patterns and plastic, is supplemental in my practice for showing the ways in which human beings recreate the natural, all while overlooking the concerning issues. Through my work, I examine environmental issues and provide reflection on the erasure of wildlife. 

Spring Fog on Pacific Coast, 2017

Abigail Spector/ 2019 ©